What is the Trojan Global Network?

The Trojan Global Network (TGN) aims to bridge the gap between international and domestic students at USC through community programing. We’re a new group on campus, but we have big dreams, and we’ll keep working until students don’t feel a divide between the two groups.

Fight on!


Dia De Los Muertos Street Fair

We volunteered at 24th Street Theater’s Dia De Los Muertos Street Fair on November 2nd. It was a lot of fun, and we got to meet some new community leaders.

Safety Presentation

Our first event of the Fall 2014 semester was a collaboration between us, DPS, and LAPD. We had some awesome Indian food, met some new people, all while we discussed safety concerns for students.

Meet the Executive Board

Meet our E-Board!!!

Check back soon for member bios!

Interested in joining the executive board? Email us at TGFN@usc.edu


Day of Games

On November first, we celebrated Dia de Los Muertos with a Day of Games at the Viterbi E-Quad!

Day of Games